L’Alp Flying Horn autour du monde

J’ai le plaisir de vous envoyer […] différentes photos de mes tournées à travers le monde avec le cor des Alpes en Carbon.
– devant le Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA
Christophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Horn

– à HongKong, depuis le Peak Victoria
Christophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Horn– sur les pistes de Serre-Chevallier, FranceChristophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Horn – sur un tire-fesses à Serre-Chevallier, France
Christophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Horn – à la Cabane des Aiguilles Rouges, Suisse
Christophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Horn– au Yucatan, Mexique
Christophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Horn

– devant les pyramides, au Caire, Egypte
Christophe Sturzenegger - Alp Flying Hornet la vidéo sur le tire-fesses:


Christophe Sturzenegger

L’AlpFlyingHorn en Autriche

Hallo Frau Zanetti

Anfang Juli durfte ich mein Carbon-Alphorn bei Ihnen in Yverdon in Empfang nehmen. Dieses hat mich in der Zwischenzeit auf manche Gebirgstour im vorarlbergischen Montafon begleitet und bereitet nicht nur mir, sondern auch den Berggängern viel Freude und stimmungsvolle Momente.

In diesem Sinne möchte ich nochmals ein « Danke » für den reibungslosen und unkomplizierten Ablauf aussprechen.

Beste Grüsse
Martin Fritschi

Montafon Autriche - Martin FritschiMontafon Autriche - Martin Fritschi

I have an incredible amount of fun with the Alpflyinghorn

Dear Florence


I have had an interesting few months with quite some variety and having an incredible amount of fun with the Alpflyinghorn. It continues to be absolute magic and adapts itself in an amazing way to so many different performance contexts and geographical environments 🙂 I am so so happy to have this instrument.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos with the alphorn so I have attached some photos […]:
The Orobie mountains are the mountains above Bergamo; here with Mario Curnis, one of Italy’s most important mountaineers. We were part of a 4-day project in July walking across the northern part of these mountains with a group which included other mountaineers, photographers, actors, journalists, artists, writers and a cook.
B-Classic was a festival in Belgium in April where I played a sun-up concert for with 2 musicians from Belgium and a quartet of singers from Galicia in Spain.
Clockstop was a festival of improvisations in May in a ex-convent in the south of Italy.
And in Pesaro it was a sun-down concert on the last day of June in the harbour at Pesaro with a percussionist playing bells and a quartet of trombones.